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What Is LASEK?

The LASEK Procedure: How It Works

In LASEK, the epithelium, or outer la
yer of the cornea, is not cut with the microkeratome cutting tool used in LASIK. LASEK is a much gentler procedure which uses no blades or knives. The surgeon covers the eye with an alcohol solution (perhaps one part alcohol and four parts sterile water) for around 30 seconds. The solution loosens the edges of the epithelium.

After sponging the alcohol solution from the eye, the surgeon uses a tiny soft sponge to lift the edge of the epithelial la
yer and gently fold it back out of the way. Then he or she uses an excimer laser, as in LASIK or PRK, to sculpt the corneal tissue underneath. Afterward, the epithelial flap is placed back on the eye.


In many ways, what you can expect from LASEK is similar to what you can expect from LASIK, but there are some differences. According to doctors who perform LASEK, the flap edge heals in about a day, though patients usually wear a bandage contact lens for around four days. You may feel eye irritation during the first day or two afterward. Also, the time it takes to recover good vision is often a little longer, up to four to seven days. Of course, it varies from one person to the next. Clearly, LASEK is a much safer procedure than LASIK and gives equally good, if not better, results in visual acuity. Our surgeons have helped to perfect the procedure and have taught the procedure to physicians from all over the world .
The procedures are performed on an outpatient basis at the world famous Bascom Palmer Eye Institute and are done with the latest computer-assisted laser technology available.